SOLARGATE UPDATE: Waxman Says Energy and Commerce Dems Would Support GOP Subpoena of Solyndra Execs. “But Waxman drew a bright line between a potential subpoena of the company and a July edict that Republicans issued to the Office of Management and Budget for emails related to its review of the Solyndra loan guarantee.” Executives must testify, White House to keep silent? Hmm.

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More of that tax money Elizabeth Warren was extolling.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

The question I have not heard asked is, How many Solyndras are there?

How many have already failed? Or on the brink of failure? How many are still being planned?

When I first discovered I can Google my screen name and see posts I wrote from a few years ago, I had two choices: 1, abandon posting my thoughts and therefore my screen name, or 2, post so many thousands of posts no one would bother checking what I have said. I chose the 2nd route, although I have no idea if my strategy has worked.

But when you are talking TRILLIONS of dollars, I would think an overwhelming number of Solyndras would do the trick, as even the most ardent of watchdogs do not have the budget to seek out every Solyndra possible. It will take hundreds of volunteers hundreds of hours, even if they know what they are looking for. How many Social Security checks would these Solyndras pay for? How many Humvees could be armored? It is just disgusting in every way thinkable.

We seniors used to think Congress, specifically the House, controlled the purse. Now it seems as though anyone can start the presses and print up a zillion dollars. It has made our nation fling toward the poor house. My wife and I gave up our home and 4 acres. I weep for my country. I say the pledge with tears in my eyes. Time is standing still due to the thought that they still have time, 7 days a week to ‘good ole boy’ spending into oblivion. Republicans cannot unite even on this one issue, maybe because they too, know it is almost too late to grind out a solution.


MORE: A reader emails: “It’s amusing to consider that Elon Musk has built an entire manned spaceflight program for less money than Obama pissed away on Solyndra. (Well, actually, it’s horrifyingly depressing. But a useful comparison, withal.) If you print this, please don’t use my name.” Okay.