THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND, if you were off, you know, having a life or something:

Erdogan, Egypt, and Food.

Thoughts on electronic publishing.

I propose more tax increases, and solicit reader suggestions.

“Green Jobs” and magical thinking.

Bill Quick unimpressed with the “Buffett Tax.” ““Is that it? Is that all you got left? Another freaking tax on rich people? Do you have any idea just how pathetic you’ve become? This sort of crap won’t even motivate your base any more.”

Is the Obama White House a hostile workplace for women? Or is that just the grumbling of affirmative-action babies?

Taxes, deficits, and the war on the young.

Bill Whittle: What We Did Right.

“Oh, what a huckster that John Edwards was!”

Getcher hyperinflation currency now!

Thoughts on Jon Huntsman. No, really, someone has thoughts on Jon Huntsman!

“So now it turns out that the Obama White House was warned privately in no uncertain terms last January against a fresh infusion of taxpayer cash to financially beleaguered Solyndra.”

The press and Obama: A disastrous love affair.

Lightsquared: Lawmakers Question White House Role In Wireless Project.

A Twitter Disaster.

On Mississippi and bigotry.