MEGAN MCARDLE: Administration Ignored Warnings on Long-Term Care Plan. “Speaking of ill-considered financial decisions made by politicians intent on their policy priorities, new emails revealed by the AP show that the administration was warned that parts of ObamaCare were a financial disaster–but plowed ahead anyway.”

I think we’re seeing a pattern here. And, indeed, Megan comments:

The administration has taken something of a beating this week. Not because they’re somehow uniquely evil–but because they presented themselves as something different, a technocratic elite above the grubby political posturing and ideological mistakes of earlier administrations. First Solyndra, now this, seem to show that they’re very much like everyone else when they’re caught up in the throes of ideological excitement–too much in a hurry to dig into promises that are, as journalists like to say, “Too Good to Check”.

I think calling this an “ideological” problem is too kind, unless Chicago’s culture of corruption counts as an ideology. In which case, yeah.