HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Why not start college later?

UPDATE: Reader Lawrence Faria writes:

I remember such people in my college classes in the ’60s. The instructors weren’t happy to see them in their classes.
Instructors preferred 18 year olds fresh out of high school for the same reason as the military: They’re uninformed
and malleable. The last thing instructors want is older students with a personal philosophy and already-formed opinions
based on actual life experience. They just know too much.

I actually kinda like the older students. Meanwhile, reader Jon Hoagboon writes:

I just started going to college (University of Nebraska at Omaha) after I retired from the Air Force earlier this year. Getting back into the “groove” of learning has taken a bit of adjustment, but I would like to say I am getting more out of it now, as I am able to apply some of the life lessons I have learned over the years. That, and I am keenly aware of the actions of some of the students in my classes; the sleeping, texting, or leaving early/showing up late. I can’t help to think that I could have been just like them, had I gone to college straight out of high school. With the post 9/11 GI Bill, I have to pass these classes, or I have to reimburse the government if I fail or choose to withdraw. Regardless, I want to learn and do well, and apply the knowledge to my next career in life. At this point in my life, I know what awaits me if I don’t do well.