WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS: A Digital Scouting Camera. I should put one in my backyard just to see what wanders through.

UPDATE: Reader Peter Grout emails: “These cameras can also be called ‘Digital Evidence Collectors’. If you live in a rural/semi-rural area, put one of these pointing on to the road to your house. Burglars don’t look for them, and even if you can’t get enough resolution for the license plate, you can at least get make/model/color for a BOLO.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bryan Frymire writes: “I can personally confirm that those game cameras are great for evidence collection. I used one to get some good pictures of people stealing from my isolated, rural property. The local police recognized one of the people in the pictures and since I had some nice ‘No Trespassing’ signs up… well, long story short — my “neighbor” ended up spending 30 days in jail. So rural property owners need one. I may even get one more myself!” (Bumped).