I DON’T THINK THERE WILL BE ANY NEED FOR FANCY FOOTWORK: Pennsylvania Ponders Bold Democrat-Screwing Electoral Plan.

UPDATE: Prof. Stephen Clark emails:

In Weigel’s piece it is noted that Republicans control the legislature and executive. Time again to bang my drum about the importance of down-ticket elections.

As satisfying as a defeat of the President would be, the real action is going to be in down-ticket races; right down through state legislators and governors to mayors and county commissioners. The combined effects of the 2010 census and mid-term elections and the general discontent prevalent in the land make the next election the best opportunity to come in several decades to affect a general realignment of governance in the country.

Indeed. And reader Jason Muckenthaler writes:

Democrats proposed an initiative in 2004 that would allocate the state’s electoral votes proportionately based on the states popular vote. As I recall, the initiative lost – but any objections to the Pennsylvania proposal from Democrats ring especially hollow given their attempt to influence the 2004 election. In fact, their real objection is that they didn’t think of doing this themselves in some other state…

Well, that’s usually the real objection.