MORE DEMOCRATIC HATE SPEECH: I guess the “new civility” crap hasn’t taken hold, judging by the very first comment to this piece at The Hill. I’m posting a screenshot in case it gets removed.

The good folks at The Hill aren’t responsible for this comment, of course, but it does suggest that there’s a real “climate of hate” among folks on the left. And if it’s not fair to blame The Hill for the insane hatred displayed by some of its commenters, then it’s not fair to blame bloggers for their commenters either, though we see some people — even some Big Media folks who should know better — try to pull that one from time to time.

UPDATE: Speaking of climates of hate, the Wisconsin Crackup continues: In Madison: 150 protesters storm hotel to disrupt press conference given by the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity. They told me if I voted for John McCain, blackshirts would be attacking advocates for racial equality. And they were right!