August 27, 2011

EUGENE VOLOKH ON “GUNPOWDER LUST:” “The shooting sports aren’t Olympic sports because of ‘gunpowder lust,’ just like archery isn’t an Olympic sport because of ‘arrow lust.’ It’s an Olympic sport because it’s a highly demanding athletic event (though it demands somewhat different forms of athleticism than, say, basketball), and — secondarily — because it’s an event with a long historical link to a tradition of military service. Dismissing respect for the sport, and the desire that children have an opportunity to learn about this sport, as a manifestation of ‘gunpowder lust’ strikes me as a form of prejudice against guns that’s hard to rationally defend.”

Related: “Boris Johnson is a moron. . . . The sheer idiocy of this speaks volumes of the rot at the heart of British society and its decadent political class.”

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