August 19, 2011

THE HILL: Obama heads to Martha’s Vineyard for a can’t-win vacation. “The optics of a president vacationing at a tony, upscale spot while the country faces unprecedented challenges is not new. This will be the third August in a row that Obama has headed to the Vineyard, once a stomping ground for former President Clinton during his administration. But Obama’s time away comes at a precarious time for the economy and his presidency.”

UPDATE: Reader Mark Shelden writes:

“Can’t win” is generally used when a person has choices, all of which are unpopular. You’re compelled to pick one that you know won’t “win.” We are geared to have a certain level of sympathy for those in that position. Notice how the Hill attaches it to Obama’s vacation
where there were two choices. He chose the clear loser when he could have easily picked a “winner” like staying at home or taking a much
scaled down vacation to a less expensive location.

Well, if he had stayed home there would have been problems, too. Wrath of the voters vs. wrath of Michelle? Can’t win.

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