August 11, 2011

SO AT LEAST WE’VE GOT THAT GOING FOR US: Good news: Despite economic apocalypse, Obama’s vacation still a go. “But you know what? If O is dead set on a little Vineyard frolicking while the global economy shudders, let him go. He knows the political risk of getting caught by a photographer playing hacky sack on a day when the market drops another 500 points. (It was down 519 today; two of the top 10 biggest Dow drops in market history have occurred within the past three days.) His approval rating’s already perilously close to breaking through the 40th-percentile floor; 73 percent say the country’s on the wrong track; and just one in four Americans still has confidence in the federal government to solve economic problems. The country’s given up on him and on Congress, so what would be accomplished by having him hang around the White House to watch Europe and the NYSE implode? If he wants to give a speech mumbling about ‘recommendations’ for the economy that he plans to get around to issuing one of these days, he can do it from the beach. Have a blast, champ.”

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