July 22, 2011

WHEN THOSE STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS COME DUE: “The borrower, Terron Austin, graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2008 with a degree in journalism. Mr. Austin lived at home during much of his college career to cut down his costs, and he had a job lined up at graduation. So, when his grace period ended six months after college, and his first bill was due, Mr. Austin was able to manage the payments. But then, Mr. Austin was laid off. Asked by one of his co-presenters, Tasha McDaniel, the school-training director for the servicer, if he had ever missed a payment or been late, he replied, ‘Haven’t we all?’ . . . Mr. Austin also said that his exit counseling could have been more detailed and specific, and that when his first student-loan bill arrived, ‘”ouch” was the first word.'”

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