I THINK WHAT REALLY OFFENDS THEM IS THAT HE PAID FOR IT WITH HIS OWN MONEY: Newsflash: Rich Man Drinks Expensive Wine. It’s kind of like how corporate jets are evil, but flying around on taxpayer-provided Gulfstreams is fine.

UPDATE: A harsh take from Ann Althouse: “How much does Prof. Feinberg weigh? I’d like to calculate her level of intoxication. A woman who’s drunk half a bottle of wine and gets emotionally overwrought after calculating the price of items consumed at another table by a politician she loathes should probably restrain herself from going over to that table to tell him off. . . . TPM should be ashamed of itself passing along this embarrassing story and for the way it presented this material. In the middle of the piece, TPM informs us of Congressional ethics rules barring expensive gifts from lobbyists. I was thinking: Oh, maybe this is a serious problem. But if you keep reading, much further down, you see that Ryan paid for the meal with his own credit card, and TPM saw the receipt. Ridiculous! What hackery from the once-respectable Talking Points Memo!”

Well, their name has always kind of given the game away.