July 2, 2011

STANDING UP FOR FREEDOM: Virginia Tea Party organization fights planning commision issuance of search warrants for suspected “code violations.”

In a semi-related matter, reader Damian Burch emails: “I was about to e-mail you to suggest that you post something about Cory Maye, but I see that you already have. Now I have a question for you: Is there a (reputable) charity that we can donate to which supports citizens whose homes have been erroneously invaded by the government?” I don’t know. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Pima County GOP Establishment Backing Sherriff Dupnik over botched no-knock raid?

Pima County Republican Party leaders voted late Thursday to take away party chairman Brian Miller’s keys to the GOP headquarters and called a special meeting to try to remove him from his post.

Miller has been under fire from party stalwarts for the past month, with meetings called in recent weeks after he criticized a SWAT raid in May that resulted in the shooting death of a man law enforcement officers suspected of involvement in drug trafficking.

Several elected officials and party leaders have complained his comments pitted the party against law enforcement at a time when city elections are looming and candidates are gearing up for bigger 2012 races.

In other words, they value political alliances with government employees over the constitutional rights of constituents. Nice to hear them make that clear.

Response: “They asked for my resignation on grounds that it is the right thing to do for the party because… well, because they say so. I declined.”

Tucson Tea Partier Robert Mayer adds: “Pima GOP chairman Brian Miller, who leans libertarian as we do, criticized the raid. Now, the old guard GOP that makes up the executive committee has voted to take away his credit card, keys to the office, and forbids him to speak as chairman. They are planning a change to the county bylaws to allow for them to remove him from office. The president of the AZ police union also called up every Republican candidate and elected official in the state telling them ‘you’re fucked’ if you don’t condemn Brian Miller.”

Another reason why police unions shouldn’t be allowed, as if we needed one after their politicization in the Wisconsin fracas.

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