June 23, 2011

CNN POLL: Plurality Of Americans Call Obama’s Presidency A Failure So Far.

UPDATE: Ack! This poll is from last year. Somebody — who I assume didn’t notice the date — sent it to me and I didn’t notice the date either. Hmm. Think he’d poll better today? Upside — he killed Osama bin Laden! Er, and after that, what, exactly? Thanks to the many readers who swiftly pointed out the error.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Michael Lotus emails: “Measured in seconds, how many orders of magnitude is your speed of retraction of errors better than the New York Times? So much for those wild, irresponsible bloggers.” Well, I fix ’em as soon as I notice ’em, which given the number of watchful readers emailing is usually pretty fast. I don’t know how the NYT does it. My eight-year wait for a correction is surely longer than average.

MORE: Reader Tom McCobb emails: “The interesting question on that old poll you linked to is, Why haven’t they re-polled it? It has been a year and a half, after all. Is CNN afraid of the results?” I dunno — maybe they have and I missed it. Anybody know?

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