June 20, 2011

RICK PERRY UPDATE: Reader Al Harris writes:

I read this in the WSJ today: Rick Perry supported Al Gore in 1988.

Now I know that Ronald Reagan was early on a democrat and he always said the party left him. I believe his core beliefs always were for individual liberty, economic freedom and small government. No doubt the party left him.

Now you’re Rick Perry and have lived through eight years of the Reagan Revolution. Also you want us to believe your core beliefs are individual liberty, economic freedom and small government.

Yet you didn’t take the opportunity in the eight years of the Reagan’s term to jump ship from the democrats. You don’t affirm by your actions your core beliefs are individual liberty, economic freedom and small government.

You supported Al Gore in 1988……

So what was he waiting for?

I supported Al Gore in 1988 too. In the words of a great man, “When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.”

UPDATE: Reader Barry Dauphin writes with a good point: “The Gore of 2011 wouldn’t vote for the Gore of 1988.” And vice versa.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Will Franklin sends this Politico piece from 2009: Rick Perry: Al Gore Has “Gone To Hell.”

MORE: Reader David Block notes that Perry’s story isn’t unusual in formerly-Blue Texas:

There are few in the state in the Republican party who are life long Republicans. Many who are were Rockefeller transplants (like George H. W. Bush). Other groups include German migrants from 1840-1890. It took 102 years to elect a Republican governor (1876-1978). We had one Republican Senator thanks to LBJ being elevated to VP by JFK. Republicans did not sweep the statewide offices until George W. Bush and company in 1994. Republicans led in votes for Congress since 1990, but did not claim a majority in the Congressional delegation until the 2003 contested redistricting.

So, yes, most Republicans down here are Blue Dog converts-more conservative than many of the Blue Dogs today. Everybody has to have their own realization that the party has left you.

I was a descendant of German immigrants (1876-1890 arrival), and have been one of those life-long Republicans.

Yes, I remember Charles Black saying that he came from a part of Texas so Texan that he didn’t meet a Republican until he was 18 — a statement that would make no sense today. Today, Blue Texans are aberrations, not the norm.

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