A FOLLOWUP ON A STORY INVOLVING OUR CRIME-FIGHTING LOCAL COMMISSIONER: Convicted killer pleads to aggravated assault in case involving Greg ‘Lumpy’ Lambert.

Already doomed to die in prison, a convicted killer on Monday made a last-minute decision to take a plea deal in a related armed encounter with former Knox County Commissioner Greg “Lumpy” Lambert.

With prospective jurors waiting in the hallway, defense attorney Richard Gaines announced in Knox County Criminal Court that Kane Stackhouse would take a deal he earlier had rejected and admit he pointed a gun at Lambert in a bid to steal a getaway car from Lambert’s Clinton Highway car dealership. . . . Lambert, who has a handgun carry permit, whipped out his own weapon and disarmed Stackhouse, who fled.

Since then, the Kel-Tec pocket pistol he carried is known in local gun circles as a “Lumpy special.”