WHAT? LIBYA? OH . . . RIGHT! Boehner drafting new resolution seeking Libya mission clarity. “Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is introducing his own resolution to rebuke President Obama’s handling of the Libya intervention in a bid to stave off House passage of a bill mandating a U.S. withdrawal. Boehner’s proposal, which he pitched to a restive House GOP conference Thursday, would forbid the deployment of U.S. ground troops and demand that Obama provide information on 21 separate items related to the mission within 14 days, including the mission’s goals and objectives, its costs and the president’s justification for not seeking congressional authorization.”

Bush got Congress to vote on Iraq, putting them on record. That didn’t stop some (er, rather a lot, really) of them from flipflopping later, but it gave him some breathing room that Obama — who didn’t bother to get Congressional authorization — doesn’t have.