SHERIFF DUPNIK’S GUYS ON VIDEO: The Jose Guerena Raid: A Demonstration of Tactical Incompetence. “These clowns shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near weapons.”

UPDATE: Reader Tim Moreau writes:

You know what? I would think that anyone busting down the door of a man’s home with a platoon of light infantry would be prepared for anything. But it seems these black-nylon kill squads are only prepared for one thing: absolute and immediate submission. What, your surprised by our raid? Confused? Startled? Sorry, you’ll have to be killed to protect us.

That’s just a peachy picture of a patriotic free nation, now aint it?

They’re just playing soldier. But I think that when you break down the door to someone’s home in response to anything other than a clear and immediate threat to life and limb, you act at your peril. I’d remove all official immunity in such cases. I think that would be a mild response to the many abuses we’ve seen. “Official immunity” is, at any rate, a judicial creation with no basis in the Constitution, one that should be scrapped in favor of a scheme debated and approved by elected representatives.