May 23, 2011


We’re supposed to believe that the emerging problem is that men who need help won’t seek it because they have a prejudiced preference for a male therapist. We’re not supposed to think that when the profession is thoroughly dominated by females, it will change in all sorts of subtle ways, conceiving the female norm as the norm. That’s funny. When the field was male-dominated, feminists (and others) critiqued it as imposing the male norm on females. But it’s always the females who are wronged.

Well, that’s axiomatic.

UPDATE: An author/reader emails:

You know, what you said about therapists applies exactly to writing/reading, too. When young adult SF was dominated by male writers, they claimed girl readers were being discriminated against. Now, when almost all YA books are either written by females or have a female main character, they whine that boys are PREUJUDICED and won’t read female writers or girl characters. As the mother of boys and an ex tomboy, I want to slap them all. No I don’t want affirmative action for male writers/characters. I figure e-publishing will take care of that. I just want the whining to stop. (Yes, I am probably a horrible woman.)

Whining will stop — or at least drop off precipitously — when it is no longer rewarded, and not before.

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