MITT ROMNEY: Obama can’t handle the truth! “Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney fired back at President Obama for barring the Herald from full access to the presidential visit to Boston yesterday, saying the commander-in-chief’s ‘retribution’ against the media has no place in the White House. . . . The White House blocked the Herald from being part of the press pool at yesterday’s Hub fund-raiser, citing the front-page treatment the paper gave to an opinion piece by Romney criticizing the president’s economic policies the last time Obama was in town.”

Plus this: “It’s obvious that those promises of change and transparency were nothing more than empty campaign slogans.”

UPDATE: A reader sends the Herald cover image. Getting into a pissing match with a tabloid is a mistake.

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ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Christopher Fox writes:

Best quote so far from the comments section of Howie Carr’s editorial: “So last week when Common was at the White House it was all about free speech. This week, not so much.”