DO NOT TRUST CONTENT FROM JUSTIN RAIMONDO: I usually ignore his ravings, and I hate to send him traffic with this link, but his site has this outright lie: “Hat tip: Zeyad, an Iraqi doctor whose ‘Healing Iraq’ blog was promoted by war-blogger Glenn Reynolds and others in the run up to the Iraq war, and then abruptly dropped when Zeyad’s cousin was murdered by US troops and he had the bad taste to make a big deal about it.”

Actually, I played a big role in drawing attention to what happened to Zeyad’s cousin, and continued to link to him regularly for years afterward until he came to the States, as a simple search for “Zeyad” in my archives will reveal. I actually hadn’t realized he was back in Iraq and blogging again. I haven’t paid enough attention to what’s going on in Iraq lately, but over the past couple of years I’ve been preoccupied with disasters closer to home, alas.

Anyway, if Justin has any decency, he’ll retract and apologize. I’m not holding my breath, though.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Regarding Raimondo, it almost sounds like he had a narrative that he needed to confirm. …except checking his view against your archive might lead to a case of narrative-Interruptus. The Left seems to be suffering from an epidemic of that lately.” Indeed.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Rather than retract his lie, Raimondo blows smoke. No surprise there, but this is an unimpressive effort even by his standards. Meanwhile, Greyhawk of The Mudville Gazette — who knows more about Iraq than Raimondo knows about . . . well, never mind — weighs in.

MORE: Reader Coby Wholeben emails to note that Raimondo calls himself a libertarian, not a lefty. That’s true, he does. I should have appended a note to that effect to the reader quote above, though in fact the epidemic of narrative-interruptus is on the left these days. But perhaps it’s contagious.