THOSE TOLERANT CANADIANS: Canada: ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal orders woman’s house seized after she said Muslim employee’s lunch smelled bad.

It didn’t hold up in court — quite. Superior Court rules Ontario Human Rights Tribunal hearing was unfair.

A Mississauga businesswoman whose home was ordered seized to pay an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal award to a former employee can keep her house — for now.

The Superior Court struck down the “fatally flawed” decision as so unfair to defendant Maxcine Telfer — who represented herself in the hearing — that it was “simply not possible to logically follow the pathway taken by the adjudicator.”

That October 2009 decision ordered Telfer to pay $36,000 to a woman who had been her employee for six weeks. Lawyers wanted the sheriff to seize and sell Telfer’s home to collect the money.

Canada is overdue for a hardcore free speech movement.