December 28, 2010

MAYOR MICHAEL BILANDIC BLOOMBERG: Revolt: NY City Council members rip Bloomberg over snow removal, vow to hold hearings. This is probably good news for Obama, as a third-party Bloomberg bid would probably siphon off squishy “no labels” types from the Democrats.

UPDATE: Reader Dan Friedman emails: “The thing about Bloomberg, and the problem for NYers, is that as bad as he is, he is really the lesser of many evils, one of whom will be the next mayor. Waiting in the wings to succeed him are the usual crop of bureaucrats, club house pols, race hustlers, union lackeys and the like. Giuliani, and to a lesser extent Bloomberg, kept those hacks at bay. They’ll be back in force during the next election.” This is what happens when your political system is fundamentally broken and corrupt.

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