December 8, 2010

SHOCKER: GAO Report Slamming For-Profit Education Turns Out To Be “Flawed.” “The revisions have come as the Obama administration and senior Democratic lawmakers are pushing for tougher regulation of the industry. A Republican senator said the revisions called into question some of the conclusions in the report.”

I’d like to see closer attention paid to what traditional colleges are promising, versus what they actually deliver.

Related: War On For-Profit Colleges Reeks Even Worse. “I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to learn that people at the GAO have actually been in on the crusade to demonize proprietary colleges. I also, unfortunately, won’t be surprised if no one pays attention to any of this, and the shameless, responsibility-dodging war on for-profits continues unabated.”

UPDATE: Bogus GAO report led to layoffs? Sure looks that way. You’d think the federal government would want to encourage job-creation instead of job-destruction, but everything they do seems to have the opposite effect . . . .

MORE: A reader emails: “Apparently few, if any, of the for-profit universities targeted by the Obama Administration have faculties with tenure or that are unionized. I wonder if that plays a role in this?”

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