November 6, 2010

JAMES TARANTO: ObamaCare, a Catastrophic ‘Success.’ “Not long ago, progressive pundits and pols were insisting that the reason Democrats lost in 1994 was because they rejected President Clinton’s efforts to establish ObamaCare, and that if the legislative outcome was different this time, so would be the electoral one. Mission accomplished! The GOP gained more seats this year (at least 60, with 4 of 9 uncalled races trending trunkward, compared with 52 in 1994) and will have a bigger majority in the 112th Congress than in the 104th (at least 239, vs. 230 then). Now the best the progs can do is insist that this week’s election had nothing to do with health care but was all about ‘the economy’–as if the president and Congress rammed through a government takeover of one-seventh of said economy, and voters just didn’t notice.”

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