November 2, 2010

VIDEO: Michele Bachmann To MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: That Thrill Isn’t Tingly Anymore.

And reader Allen S. Thorpe writes:

You and Ann must be driving a lot of viewers to MSNBC. I’m watching with the sound off and their faces and body language are saying even more than their words: sour grapes, snarling and what ever the opposite of schadenfreude is. They all look like bullies who were just pounded by Ralphy, the kid in “A Christmas Story,” licking their wounds.

I’m reminded of how the Fox News team looked in the 2004 election when they had gotten all the early exit polls and thought Bush was losing, but the Fox people looked grave, not snarling.

Don’t watch MSNBC, watch PJTV. Wouldn’t you rather see Bill Whittle and Brandi Milloy than Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann?

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