November 2, 2010

FRANK J. FLEMING: Election Question: How Can We Tell the Stupid People From the Smart Ones? “How smart do you have to be to tell if someone else is smart? Hopefully not very smart, because a lot of life — and especially politics — involves asking people to separate the bright from the dimwitted. We can’t figure out or do everything ourselves, so we need to know who the smart people are so we know whom to listen to and entrust with important jobs. But if we incorrectly think morons are smart and listen to them and put them in charge, that would be a disaster. You could also call it election year 2008. . . . So, in the future, instead of thinking someone is smart because he has a very interesting-sounding argument that two plus two equals five, look into the person’s background to see if he’s ever actually done anything useful, like run a business or at least once have an actual job that doesn’t have the word ‘community’ in it.”

Meanwhile, this video may help you tell the difference in several cases.

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