October 28, 2010

FLORIDA: Clinton pushed the black guy to get out. (Via Drudge).

UPDATE: L.A. Times: Once again, Bill Clinton tries unsuccessfully to nudge an inconvenient Democrat out of a Senate race.

Politico need not reveal its source to reveal its source. Given the names, times and details provided, it clearly was the Clinton-Obama camp playing hardball the Chicago Way.

Yes, sure, Meek was a loyal, useful African American trooper all over the country in Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful fight against Obama for the Democrats’ presidential nomination in 2007-08.

But — nothing personal just business — if Meek won’t step aside voluntarily, get rid of him involuntarily. Leak word to the hungry press and hope enough of their readers give up on Meek and jump to Crist. Meek’s doomed either way.


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