October 25, 2010

MICKEY KAUS: How Did Obama Lose The Velvet Underground’s Drummer?

I’m serious. Was it really necessary to piss people like her off? Tucker’s almost a perfect Obama voter. She’s a single grandmom. Not rich. Famously worked at Wal-Mart (after being a rock star) and complained about it. A lifelong Democrat—until now. Was what Obama felt he had to do—save Detroit, save Wall Street, jumpstart the economy, pass health care reform—inevitably incompatible with her world view? Was a huge rebellion of people like her simply what you get when you ‘impose a liberal agenda’ on a ‘center-right country,’ as Charles Krauthammer argues. Or did Obama gratuitiously fail to reassure her that her not unreasonable fears (e.g. “How the hell will this utopian dream land be paid for?”) were unfounded?

Well, that’s because they’re not unfounded. Also, I think the condescension doesn’t play well.

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