October 18, 2010

ALASKA NEWS: Miller’s security detains blogger after shoving incident. “It’s hard to imagine Tony Hopfinger as a cause celebre in a Senate race, but in Alaska’s wild campaign, this may be the topic to watch in tonight’s debate. The Alaska Dispatch blogger found himself detained by Joe Miller’s security force after an altercation, one apparently started by Hopfinger himself. The Alaska Daily News gives a mostly-dispassionate look at the curious incident. . . . If a reporter starts shoving security guards in any setting, he should expect to get arrested by the security guards as a consequence. That’s battery, and that charge does result in arrest. . . . Throwing the first punch doesn’t make one a martyr for the cause. It may, however, make for a lively debate tonight.”

If it had been a Tea Partier shoving security guards, then it would be much bigger news! But this will still get more national attention than when a Democratic Congressman assaults a reporter, I predict.

UPDATE: Some perspective from Dan Riehl.

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