MORE ON THIS LATER, but had fun shooting this afternoon with SayUncle, Les Jones, and some guys from, an ammo company started by some of my law students. Among other things, I fired an AR-15 modified to shoot a .50 BMG round, from Zel Custom. Kinda heavy, and almost as tall as Helen, but fun. And I was able to fire it from the shoulder. Perfect for home defense — if you’re defending your home from Terminator robots!

Note the helping hand with some rounds of ammo . . . .

UPDATE: Frank Wilson emails: “Good heavens … law professors clinging to their guns!” You have to admit, though, that I don’t look even a little bit bitter.

And Charles Oliva emails: “Good finger discipline.” I was well trained.

MORE: Reader Pat Gang writes: “Glenn, that picture gives me new hope for our country.” Heh. Well, the culture has changed a lot on guns, that’s for sure, and to a degree that would have seemed — heck, did seem — unthinkable less than twenty years ago.