October 13, 2010

THE COMPLICATIONS OF dual-earner households. “And so it would not be at all unusual to find households in which male construction workers have become unemployed with little chance at near-term re-employment, while the female earner has been able to increase hours worked in, say, a health care position. But this household is in a tricky position. Construction in Nevada may be a stagnant industry for years to come, and the male may have little hope of finding a new job. Elsewhere in the country, however, real estate markets are tighter and will recover, and begin adding employment, far sooner. But were the household to relocate, both earners would find themselves needing to find new jobs in a market in which the ratio of job seekers to vacancies remains quite high. The risk to relocation is significant. And so the household may stay put, essentially conceding that the male half will remain unemployed for the foreseeable future.”

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