October 11, 2010

I’D LIKE TO MILDLY DISAGREE WITH THIS WASHINGTON EXAMINER EDITORIAL: The bogus — and deeply hypocritical — foreign-money claims coming from the White House and the Democratic apparat aren’t about campaigning. They’re about constructing a narrative of defeat for their base, so that when they get clobbered in November they can blame it on scheming billionaires and evil foreigners instead of admitting that they elected an empty suit, and proceeded to push a wildly unpopular program over the clearly stated objections of a large majority of American voters. If their base faced up to their ineptitude, it would go off and start a new party, and then they’d need to get a real job. Better by far to retreat into conspiracy theory than to go back to Pocatello.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “There’s a corporation, part-owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, that keeps making electioneering communications. Where are the demands to shut up the New York Times Company? Where is the outrage?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Tom Holsinger emails:

“I disagree with your opinion of the Obama administration’s phony story about GOP foreign money. IMO this is more a prophylactic measure against House investigations next year of the 2008 Obama campaign’s illegal foreign contributions. They anticipate the GOP will win control of the House and commence investigations of the Obama administration’s many wrongs, including this one. They are setting up, in advance, the usual guilty guy’s defense of “everybody does it” and “you are just being partisan”.

It’s the Clinton rule: Admit nothing, deny everything, make counteraccusations. But I’m sticking with my interpretation.

MORE: Obama drops foreign money charge from fundraiser remarks, but Biden and DNC continue attack.

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