October 5, 2010

MORE ON ROTC ON CAMPUS. And here’s a story about Harvard’s ROTC “Limbo” from the Boston Globe.

UPDATE: From the comments to my Post column today:

The US military is the most mature, professional, and effective organization in the US, perhaps the world, and it was made so with little help from the Ivy League. It may well be that the absence of Ivy League graduates helped make it so.

Look at the mess Ivy Leaguers have made of the industries they dominate such as investment banking and the media. While the graduates of the military academies look ahead to incorporate new technology into the military, the Ivy League graduates in the old media are locked in a reactionary struggle against the new media, like cavemen who fear fire. Thank God, these Ivy League bumblers are not running the military lest they demand our troops ride into combat on horseback, fearing the new technologies of tank and airplane.

It is the Ivy League who has the most to learn from the military, not the other way round. There is nothing in Harvard nor Columbia that you can’t learn in hundreds of other schools. However, there is a lot to be learned in the US military that you will never learn at Harvard nor Columbia.

True. And ouch.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Related item here.

MORE: Don’t worry, be happy! The Civil-Military Gap Is Not Important.

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