September 27, 2010

THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND, if you were off, you know, having a life or something:

On, Wisconsin.

Breitbart To Bill Maher: You Know You’re Not A Libertarian Anymore, Right?

More on that Erik Scott shooting in Las Vegas. With conveniently missing video.

Mr. Jefferson, tear down this wall!

Gail Sheehy: Six weeks before the election, President Obama couldn’t fill the ballroom at the Roosevelt Hotel, despite cheap tickets on offer. And then he was met by hecklers.

The derivation of “Reynolds’ Law.” No, not the one about the dangers of mixing tequila and gin.

“I think it’s a pretty useful heuristic: If you’re not willing to have somebody hauled off at gunpoint over the project, then it’s probably not a legitimate concern of the state.”

Where the boys aren’t.

Chris Christie’s Greatest Hits.

Relationship problems? Try talking less.

Bill Quick starts a disaster-preparation discussion forum.

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