September 26, 2010

ANN ALTHOUSE: Things that you’d better not have on you if you want to walk through Library Mall on Tuesday afternoon. “Ah, but you need to be respectful and hear out what the President says, which is — I assume — that you really need to vote for Democrats in November. That’s the message. It’s nothing loftier than that. It’s a big political rally, snarling Madison traffic — on our narrow isthmus — blocking passage through the center of campus, and depriving us of our computers and our freedom of expression.” Plus, from the comments: “A person doesn’t have to dislike a president to wish that he’d stay home.” I’m not sure what I think about this. Presidents live in enough of a bubble already. On the other hand, if this degree of security is really necessary — which I tend to doubt — then Presidents ought to think twice.

UPDATE: Reader Stephen Clark writes:

Two years after the “revolution” and a few weeks out from the midterms finds Obama carrying the fight to . . . Madison? Given pre-election expectations, I’d have thought he’d be storming the last redoubts in Tulsa and Dallas-Fort Worth and watching as his troops scattered the ragged remnants of his opposition into west Texas and the Great Plains.

Now focusing on boosting turnout in the areas that might still be heavily Democratic. Like the University of Wisconsin campus.

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