BRYAN PRESTON OFFERS Some Friendly, Unsolicited Advice for the Delaware GOP. “Christine O’Donnell’s win leaves the Delaware Republican party as a rump party. It will have to take visible action if the Republicans are to have a shot at taking the Senate seat.”

UPDATE: Plus, some tough love from Ed Morrissey. “My advice to the GOP would be to quit whining about losing a long-shot bid to win control of the Senate and focus on actually winning the races.” Do you think? Plus this: “Instead of pouting, Republican leaders in Delaware and around the country need to unite around the nominee, who was chosen by the Republicans in Delaware. Had Castle won the nomination, they would have demanded unity themselves, and rightly so. If they want to continue to issue snarky, anonymous asides and in essence take their ball and go home, don’t expect the electorate to follow them into battle in the future. Rarely have I seen such childishness from the supposed leaders of a political establishment, who set the very rules and customs they now want to ignore because they just got embarrassed on a national stage.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: As I predicted last night, a reversal from the NRSC: “The National Republican Senatorial Committee will support the O’Donnell campaign, according to a statement that was just released by its chairman, Sen. John Cornyn.”

So last night’s comments simply did unnecessary damage. Next time, think twice before spouting off, guys. You’re supposed to be the polished, professional insiders, remember?

MORE: Romney Backs O’Donnell: “Support for Christine O’Donnell appears to have emerged this morning as a kind of grassroots litmus test, and the Establishment is scrambling to pass it.”