UPDATE: Missouri reader Stephen Clark writes:

Carnahan v Blunt is going to be an interesting race. The TV ads have been out since mid to early August. Right from the start it was negative. Carnahan has made no attempt at a positive message. The only place you see Carnahan and Obama in the same frame is in one of Blunt’s ads.

In my Missouri Congressional district, incumbent Jo Ann Emerson (R) is being challenged by young Tommy Sowers (son of the local newspaper owner). What’s interesting about this is that Emerson is reported to have 1.4 million while Sowers has a little over 1 million that he attributes to contributions from around the country – power of the internet and all; in fact I get popup ads for Sowers on your site. But here’s the thing: Sowers makes no mention of anything in the Democratic party’s agenda it’s all negative primarily attacking Emerson on her support for bank bailouts and the like. His bulk-mail ads feature him as a soldier serving in Iraq – weapon in hand, no less – on one side with him in full hunting mode taking dead aim with his over-and-under on the other side and advertising his fidelity to gun owner’s rights. . If you didn’t know better, you’d swear Sowers was running as a Republican.

Protective coloration. The funny thing is, since my ads are targeted I’ve never seen a Sowers ad here. Interesting.