READER RYAN KELLEY EMAILS to note that Amazon is now offering Free Amazon Prime for Parents. “And even though they call it a ‘mom’ special it’s for any caregiver.”

UPDATE: Reader Sean Malloy emails:

We have a toddler and an infant. Two months ago, I broke down and paid for Amazon Prime, and signed up for their “subscription” service that automatically delivers wipes, diapers, etc. at a discount.

Your post led me to sign up for Amazon Mom. Amazon even refunded me $75-ish of my previous Prime membership. Thanks, Glenn! If you’re ever in Austin, there’ll be a tumbler of nice Scotch waiting for you.

Well, I’m more of an Irish drinker, but thanks! Glad to be of help. And if you’ve got a toddler and an infant at the same time, you probably need the booze worse than I do . . . .