“A few people lined the streets”? How do a few people line streets? Or even one street? Instead of saying something ridiculously nonsensical, why not admit it? When Obama came to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, basically nobody gave a damn.

Hell, these days he’s lucky to get that kind of reaction. . . .

Plus, from the comments:

Anyway, there weren’t any more than a few people lining the streets. In fact, most people were just going about their business shopping in all the stores. The one thing that I did find interesting was that there was a group of maybe 10 black women nearby. When the motorcade went by, they cheered raucously. It was a sweet moment, and it made me realize how important and fundamentally awesome it must feel to African-Americans that a black man has reached the pinnacle of American politics. No matter how much of a train wreck Obama’s presidency is, that is indeed a satisfying milestone.

Yes, but it’s old news now. And an amusing suggestion: “‘Welcome President Bush’ would be a good sign to carry.” Heh. Or Hoover, whatever.