July 25, 2010

PILING ON JOHN KERRY OVER YACHTGATE: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Clueless.Boston Herald piles on, with New England boat builders wondering why, in times of hardship, Sen. Thurston Howell … I mean John Kerry, D-Mass., had to outsource his luxury, going halfway around the world to buy the $7 million luxury yacht he was berthing across state lines in tax-free Rhode Island.”

Hey, he may be dodging taxes and costing local jobs, but at least he’s not destroying fragile coral reefs while he’s at it. So he’s got that over Jeff Greene, anyway.

UPDATE: Reader Ben White emails: “They told me if I voted for Scott Brown, that my Senator would decide important issues to benefit the super rich instead of the working people of Massachusetts. And they were right!”

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