Obama Administration Stands By Decision To Fire Sherrod.

NAACP Blames Fox And Breitbart For The NAACP’s Overreaction To Shirley Sherrod Video.

UPDATE: Perspective, from The Anchoress.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Racism, For Fun And Profit.

MORE: Dan Riehl: Video: Shirley Sherrod Is A Racist And A Marxist.

STILL MORE: Shirley Sherrod pays for the sins of the NAACP. “The NAACP can’t get out its own way on the story of Shirley Sherrod, the Department of Agriculture official who was sacked following comments she made to the ‘civil rights’ group about a white farmer. The Obama administration isn’t exactly covering itself in glory either. Meanwhile, most folks seem to be missing the basic point of the story, at least from the perspective of Andrew Breitbart, the man who drove it. . . . The portions of the tape of interest to Breitbart are those in which members of the NAACP laugh at and approve of Sherrod’s initial impulse to provide inferior service to a white farmer. These NAACP members have been caught on tape condoning racism by a government official and demonstrating their own racism. Meanwhile, the NAACP condemns the Tea Party for what appears to be phantom racism.”

MORE STILL: “Sherrod seems to be making the case that this administration and the NAACP have created an environment of hyper-racial … awareness, for the lack of a better word, antithetical to the post-racial promise upon which the admin ran – and it claimed a casualty as a result.” Ya think?

FINALLY: Reader Stephen Clark writes:

Sitting here catching up and into my second glass of wine, I’ll second C.J. Burch’s take on the l’affair Breitbart.

So, we’re to believe that the NAACP somehow forgot the story of history’s single example of a confessed African-American racist and her redemption in their rush to judgment?

Incongruous with my wine it may be, but, pass the popcorn.

Didn’t they have the whole tape all along? Did they fire her without even watching it?