WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Obama Under Siege On Economy. Ya think?

But see Sean Trende, It’s Not “Just the Economy, Stupid” This Time.

Related: National Journal: Public still sour on ObamaCare. “Overall, 47 percent disapproved of the law, while 35 percent approved.”

Plus, CBS Poll: Support for Arizona Immigration Law Hits 57 Percent. “Support for the measure increased five points since May. Since then, the Justice Department has filed suit against the law, claiming that it usurps federal authority to enforce immigration laws.”

Also: In New Orleans, Gulf oil spill anger turns to Obama. “Here in the French Quarter’s Jackson Square, unrest over BP’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon blowout and the Gulf oil spill has turned to anger at the Obama administration.”

So, yeah, it’s not just the economy.