A BUDDING KAGAN SCANDAL? It’s pretty clearly an ACOG scandal, at least.

UPDATE: Reader Aric Giddens emails: “I am an Ob/Gyn and while I am pro-choice, I do respect the position of those who are against abortion. I said at the time, however, that the ACOG statement was not true and and no basis in medical fact. It was clearly a political statement. A so called ‘partial-birth abortion’ is almost never performed and doesn’t have to be to save the life of or protect the life of the mother. I thought President Clinton was pandering to his base to opposed such a ban. I have never seen a medical need for such a procedure in 20 years in my field. Such a ban would not have endanger any woman’s life or health. While I am opposed to the government dictating what medical procedure may or may not be performed, there was not science behind the ACOG statement.”