June 26, 2010

STACY MCCAIN on why conservatives shouldn’t be congratulating themselves over the Weigel defenstration:

News organizations don’t hire conservatives. Therefore, conservatives don’t seek careers in journalism and instead become lawyers or accountants or stock brokers or whatever.

Ergo, none of the people making decisions in MSM newsrooms are conservatives. Where set A = “employees of news organizations” and set B = “conservatives,” we see that as the closer set AB approaches to zero, the more likely journalists are to view conservatives as The Other, and vice-versa.

The Journolist stuff was leaked by a lefty. Therefore, the leak was intended to serve the interests of at least one lefty, quite possibly one angling for Weigel’s job, or angry about Rand Paul stuff. (No, really). It doesn’t have much to do with people on the right, except that Weigel was supposed to cover the right.

Meanwhile, rumors of Weigel going to The Atlantic?

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