June 16, 2010

RADAR DETECTORS: In response to my bleg the other day, most readers endorsed either the Valentine One or the Passport 9500ix. Both are quite pricey. However, there’s a one-day sale on the Cobra XRS 9960G that makes it a lot cheaper. Should I go with that one?

UPDATE: Even with the price difference, the Valentine One still seems to be the favorite among readers. Kinda pricey, though. Other say just drive with traffic. Well, that’s what I do, but last summer I got nailed in an old-fashioned speed trap — five lanes, Interstate signs, but a 35 mph speed limit — down in Palm Beach County and a radar detector would have helped there. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Less Pricey: The Valentine One is a hundred bucks less direct from the manufacturer. That’s odd.

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