June 5, 2010

OBAMACARE POLLING BADLY IN MICHIGAN: And this is interesting: “Young people ages 18-29 were more against the changes than any other age group, with 69% opposed.”

UPDATE: Reader Kyle Brackenbury doesn’t think this is a fluke:

Long time reader, first time writer. 22 years old. Just wanted to comment briefly on something you mentioned about Obamacare. I have a lot of friends my own age who were all for socialized medicine, and wholeheartedly supported the idea of healthcare reform. We’re talking very, very, very liberal kids. They hate this thing. The overwhelming consensus among kids my age is pretty much as follows: We pay into social security which we KNOW we’ll never get anything from. In much the same vein, Obamacare is yet another way in which we’re being taxed to support a bunch of old people. Overwhelmingly, we feel that we’re being taken advantage of to subsidize a bunch of old people we don’t know, will never meet, and frankly shouldn’t need to be paying to support. Overwhelmingly, we had hoped to see a health care system that didn’t take advantage of young people and burden them even more than we already are. College loans are killing us, social security payments take a chunk out of every check, for those of us lucky enough to have jobs, and now this.

I can’t even tell you how many people my own age who voted for Obama have come to me and told me how disappointed they are in what he’s done with this whole thing.

Well, the perception is correct.

MORE: Heh.

MORE STILL: Reader Dennis Halpin writes:

Long time reader, written before. I’m an old guy who will probably never meet Kyle Brackenbury or his friends. I have been taxed for over 45 years to pay for the younger generation. I have been taxed to build their schools, hire their teachers, to pay for wars to keep us all safe (yes, I’m a veteran) among many other things. Some of my taxes have paid for medical research that has improved lives throughout the world. I object to none of this. My parents’ and grandparents’ generations did it for me.

We have a good medical system in this country that can and should be improved, not replaced by something which will cost vastly more and give much poorer quality of care. It’s not perfect, but people come here from all over the world because of what we have now. Not many go from here to England or Sweden for medical care they cannot get here.

I can’t even tell you how unsurprised I am that those who voted for Mr. Obama are now surprised. I’m not surprised. He is exactly like I expected. And feared.

Obama fooled enough of the people, for long enough. Don’t blame them for wising up now. Better late than never.

MORE STILL: Reader Gerard Hayes writes: “Liked your emails from Kyle Brackenbury and Dennis Halpin about young people and Obamacare. Kyle gives me a lot of hope, but can I just say one thing to him: stop referring to yourself and your friends as ‘kids’. You’re 22. And don’t let anyone else call you a ‘kid’.” Good advice. I remember interviewing a candidate at Dewey Ballantine — who was probably 24 — who referred to classmates as “kids” and it was a turnoff. Wall Street law firms don’t hire “kids.” I suspect that most employers feel that way, so it’s a good habit to get out of.

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