IS SARAH PALIN RONALD REAGAN? Some people are asking, but I’d have to say the answer is “no.” Though Reagan was portrayed as an amiable dunce, he in fact spent many years working out his ideas before running for President. Palin hasn’t done that yet. She has considerable natural talent as a politician, but she’s no Ronald Reagan. Then again, neither was Ronald Reagan, at 44.

At any rate, the Republicans shouldn’t be looking so hard for another Reagan. Reagan came along as a sort of savior, but the party needed saving because it had become too comfortable, too afraid of the press, and too anxious to go along and get along. A strong farm team — producing lots of Palins, if not Reagans — would do them more good than a single savior.

Meanwhile, is Obama the Democrats’ Reagan? That, perhaps, is a topic for a different post.

UPDATE: Reader Mark Zoeller emails: “Your proximate posts today re: the Palin debate among conservative pundits and the cover-up of the Edwards story jogged this random thought. Why do we hear no comparisons of the relative merits of Gov. Palin as a VP candidate today, and the Dem’s attempt to foist John Edwards on us as VP In ’04?” The press covered for Edwards; they’re gunning for Palin.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader S.J. Himel writes: “Look, I’ve accepted the fact for years that you’re a closet Dem, pretending to be a libertarian (though lacking any perceptible enthusiasm or credentials for the latter viewpoint), but you know what? That Obama/Reagan comparison was actually so stunningly offensive it’s forced me to rethink every opinion I’ve held about you. And in no way for the better.”

You know, I’ve long since gotten used to the idea that everything I blog will be misunderstood by somebody, but still . . .

MORE: Another reader emails:

So why do you suppose that fellow was so offended by your tongue -in-cheek post wondering if Obama can be viewed as the dem’s Reagan? Is he a dem horrified that anyone could compare Obama to that trodglydite Reagan? Or a repub aghast that anyone could compare the great Reagan to that one? Then again he did mention libertarian in such a way you’d think maybe he leans that way. Was Reagan a libertarian hero? Naw, I suppose he must be a dem.

I like his line about you being a closet dem. I decided a while back you’re like me, really, really want to be a dem, you have in fact been a dem and even associated with dems in the past and present, but a lot of the time you say something you think is commonsensical and obvious and even somewhat progressive and you get denounced as as some right-wing collaborator. Tough luck for a guy who just wants to blog about guns, gadgets and space exploration.

Yeah, but I soldier on.