MARK STEYN: “Mark Hemingway is right to say that free speech in Canada ‘does not exist in any meaningful way’. As the British Columbia ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal’s rambling and incoherent decision makes plain, Maclean’s and I were acquitted of “flagrant Islamophobia” for essentially political reasons – because neither the court nor its travesty of a ‘human rights’ code could withstand the heat of a guilty verdict. . . . If you have the wherewithal to stand up to these totalitarian bullies, they stampede for the exits. But, if you’re just an obscure Alberta pastor or a guy with a widely unread website or a fellow who writes a letter to his local newspaper, they’ll destroy your life.” Tar. Feathers.

Canada has done more than most to give “human rights” a bad name. Surely freedom from assault by bureaucratic pecksniffs is a human right of the first order.