ALL YOU NEED TO BE VICE PRESIDENT is not to have had an abortion?

S.C. Dem chair: Palin primary qualification is she hasn’t had an abortion

South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a running mate “whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”

Palin is an opponent of abortion rights and gave birth to her fifth child, Trig, earlier this year after finding out during her pregnancy that the baby had Down syndrome.

Boy, I guess I really blew it then. . . .

UPDATE: The good news for me: Neal Devins says abortion politics are increasingly irrelevant. That’s why I need to milk this t-shirt photo while I still can! Backstory on that here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Why shouldn’t men have a right to have abortions? Men have the right to have babies! “It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.”

Brannon Denning and I have managed to work this Monty Python bit into a law review article on the Second Amendment.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Grahan Cooley emails: “A Monty Python reference without a ‘Palin’ joke? Come on, Glenn!” That would be too easy. The law review work-in was a challenge.